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You want to buy or sell a visual or audio content: pictures (photos, illustrations, vector graphic) video footages, music, website templates? Below you can find a list of popular photo banks (stocks) and sites selling various content, with a brief description to simplify the selection and transition.

Best Stock Image Websites


Royalty-free videoRoyalty-free illustrationRoyalty-free vectorRoyalty-free photoRoyalty-free music
Get Started Now With Shutterstock

Shutterstock is one of the best stock photography websites. Shutterstock provides a wide range of pictures: photos, vector graphic, illustrations. There are about 300 million images in the image bank. Search for the desired picture can be done by: type, categories, key words, novelty, orientation, color, characteristics of people (ethnicity, gender, age, quantity), size, etc. Instead of a text search query, you can specify a picture to search for similar images. There are editorial materials. Shutterstock offers collections and free images. The site has a Shutterstock editor that allows you to make changes to the pictures.

In addition to visual content, Shutterstock offers music. The database stores high-quality tracks by genre and mood. Go to Shutterstock website for buyers. Link to Shutterstock website for contributor. Share your work and start earning.


Royalty-free videoRoyalty-free illustrationRoyalty-free vectorRoyalty-free photo
iStock Buy Royalty-free

If you want quality, variety and good prices, iStock is worth exploring. Stock photo site offer a big collection of exclusive, high-level images.

iStock has over 1.5 million images: photos, vector and raster illustrations. Pictures are divided into categories and are classified into one of two collections. Signature stands for the best quality. Essentials stands for the lowest price.

Search provides for additional parameters: new / suitable / popular; creative / editorial; orientation; number of people; colour; size; date of download. There is a “similar picture” search. Click the camera icon in the search bar and upload the image. Image bank will show you similar pictures from its stock. It will shorten the search time of the desired image.

iStock offers its modules for image search in Adobe programs (Photoshop®, Illustrator® and InDesign®). The available iStock Editor tool has predefined image sizes for social networks, so you don’t have to think about what image size you need. Image has the same price no matter what size the file has.

The base of video images consists of more than 70 thousand footages, the price for all formats, including 4K is the same.

iStock Boards is another feature that helps to process images and videos. Just create a board to save any content that you may have found and don’t want to use instantly. This helps to reduce searching time in the future.

You can take a monthly or annual subscription or credits for one-time purchases. All files have a standard license. When downloading on credit, you can add extended licenses.

Image stock provides every week free images, illustrations and video clips to its customers. This free content is of same high quality as any other iStock content. Go to iStock website for buyers.

Envato elements

Royalty-free videoRoyalty-free illustrationRoyalty-free vectorRoyalty-free 3DRoyalty-free photoRoyalty-free sound effectsRoyalty-free music (+ Web Themes & Templates / Code / Graphics / Design Maker / Video Maker / Elements / Tuts)
Envato Buy Royalty-free

Envato Elements has more than 1 mln items of different content and extentions: video; video templates; music; sound effects; graphic templates; graphics; templates for presentations; photo; fonts; extensions; Web Templates; templates for CMS; WordPress 3D It is available under the subscription. Images are put into thematic collections. Search in each content category has additional parameters.

Envato Elements offers one simple commercial license for all categories. The buyer receives broad rights both for commercial and personal use. Go to Envato Elements website for buyers


Royalty-free videoRoyalty-free illustrationRoyalty-free vectorRoyalty-free 3DRoyalty-free photoRoyalty-free sound effectsRoyalty-free music
Buy Royalty-free Photos Pond5

Pond5 is known as one of the best photo stocks specialized in video footage having more than 11 million HD, 4K, and 360 video clips.

As a client of the photobank, you will also receive paid access to more than 500 thousand audio tracks in a wide range (from music to films to pop music) and more than 700 thousand sound effects. The collection of special effects templates contains samples for After Effects, including trailers and the like. The stock consists of 12 million royalty-free photos, vector and bitmap images, including the PSD format. You will be granted access to 3D models and objects for your projects.

Pond5 offers own free visual search tools and popular programs. Upload a video or image from your computer to the image bank website and click on the Visual Search icon. Pond5 will find the right images for you (including video). Install the extension for your browser to search immediately on the content on the Internet. There are extentions for Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X. Import and share your collections with colleagues using integration. Go to Pond5 website for buyers and contributor.


Royalty-free videoRoyalty-free illustrationRoyalty-free vectorRoyalty-free photo

DepositPhotos has over 120 million stock photos, vector images, illustrations and videos, including editorial materials. The registration gives access to free images.

The content is divided into popular cathegories. Search by keyword or image. To make the search easier there are different filters. You can use russian interface. It has own graphical editor (for creating images, common formats, for social networks, advertising, etc.) and applications for iOS and Android. Go to DepositPhotos website for buyers and contributor.


Royalty-free videoRoyalty-free illustrationRoyalty-free vectorRoyalty-free photoRoyalty-free sound effectsRoyalty-free music
Dreamstime Royalty Free Stock Images

DreamsTime has over 100 million stock photos. Additionnaly you can find in the image bank: video; music; sound effects; illustrations; vector images; editorial materials. It has a collection of free images. Go to DreamsTime website for buyers and contributor.


Royalty-free videoRoyalty-free illustrationRoyalty-free vectorRoyalty-free photo
Stock photo PIXTA

Pixta is a Japanese image bank with over 40 million photos, illustrations and videos. The collection is splitted into cathegories. Search goes by keywords using additional filters.

The buyers have 3 tariff options: one purchase; prepaid credit; subscription. Price may be determined by file size. Every week you can enjoy free stock content from the updated collection and use it for commercial purposes. Go to Pixta website for buyers and contributor.

52 Links to Stock Image Websites

Buy or Become a Contributor

  1. 123rf
  2. 500px
  3. Adobe Stock
  4. Agefotostock
  5. Alamy
  6. Bigstock
  7. CanStockPhoto
  8. Canva
  9. Catooh
  10. Cliparto
  11. Clipcanvas
  12. Clipdealer
  13. Colourbox
  14. Creative market
  15. Crestock
  16. Cutcaster
  17. DepositPhotos
  18. DesignBundles (for buyers) (for contributor)
  19. Dissolve
  20. DreamsTime
  21. Envato Elements
  22. EyeEm
  23. Ezmediart
  24. Fantero
  25. Featurepics
  26. Foap
  27. Freepik
  28. Glstock
  29. Imageselect
  30. ImagoImages
  31. Indivstock
  32. Ingimage
  33. iStock
  34. Lifeographies
  35. Mostphotos
  36. Panthermedia
  37. Photocase
  38. Pixta
  39. Pond5
  40. Rawstockphoto
  41. Scanstockphoto
  42. Shutterstock (for buyers) (for contributor)
  43. Signelements
  44. Solidstockart
  45. Stockfresh
  46. Stocksy
  47. Storyblocks
  48. Swoozo
  49. Vectorstock
  50. Vpuzzler
  51. Yayimages (for buyers) (for contributor)
  52. Zoonar

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